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What is this project?

A citizen science project collating photos of fish submitted to us in order to monitor fish biodiversity and health.


From a submitted image we record fish species and location and use computer vision to assess the health of the fish. With these data we aim to carry out research to understand fish biodiversity and where and when fish health issues occur across the UK.


​The project started on August 1st 2023 and will initially run for two years, until 1st August 2025.

IMPORTANT: This is a research project, and does not replace you submitting a fish disease outbreak to NRW (Wales), EA (England), Fisheries Management Scotland (Scotland) or Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs (Northern Ireland).


The project is open to everyone, but we are especially keen to have photos of fish submitted by freshwater anglers. We are interested in photos taken of any fish at anytime, anywhere in the UK, so photos that may have been on your phone/computer for many years are still of interest to us.

Submission of photos is simple and takes just a few seconds. You can upload your photo to our iNaturalist webpage or download the iNaturalist App (Google play or Apple store), join our project (PathoPixel) and submit photos directly from your phone.

Click here to view the upload guide for both webpage and App. An alternative submission route is to email photos to us at

How can I get involved?

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